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Better Business Relationships Mean More Business Success

Whether you are looking to motive your teams, increase staff output, find more balance, reduce stress or improve customer relations putting the principles I offer into practice will create permanent change in your business. Improving how you and your team operate within and get the best from, every relationship will significantly improve the day-to-day operations and long-term profitability of your company.

In fact, 60 – 80% of all difficulties in organisations come from strained relationships among employees.

Alongside this statistic, Forbes also report that the typical manager spends between 25 – 40% of his or her time dealing with workplace conflicts.

What a waste of resources!

Imagine what your employees could be doing instead.

In my experience, business owners and leaders are looking to create an environment were their teams are effectively working together to close the sale, deliver outstanding customer service and improve organisational efficiencies.

If this is your objective and you want you team to work to the best of their capability it’s time to change everyone’s understanding of good relationships. It’s time to equip them with the tools and understanding they need to work well with everyone, irrespective of personality or difference.

Three Steps To Transform Team Performance

1. Understand

Develop each individual understanding of their own behaviour, their personal communication style and the expectations they carry of others.

2. Identify

Ensure everyone understands the characteristics and tell-tale signs of each attachment style so that they can quickly and effectively assess and identify someone else’s needs and perspective.

3. Relate

Provide the everyday tools and communication techniques that every player needs to bridge the gap between the different styles and personalities within your team and beyond.
We are all hard-wired for connection and whilst there are common themes we all have a complex relationship style that runs much deeper than we realise and influences our response to every interaction throughout the day – with colleagues, customers, suppliers, friends and family.

Only when we understand the wiring and how to read it, do we have the skills to really make things happen.

Jacqui Christie

Clinical Psychologist , Relationship Coach & Author

Are You Ready to Rewire Your Business Relationships?

I offer full or half day workshops with a program tailored to the unique challenges of your team and organisation.

Each workshop brings together a combination of engaging content delivery and group activities to build a deeper understanding of the material and create personal growth among the participants to achieve your desired outcomes and objectives

If you would like to explore the possibility of working together with you and your team then please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your existing challenges and desired outcomes further.

Reduce Conflict

(and resolve it better)

Increase Productivity

Improve Customer Service

Make More Sales

Rewire Your Relationship with Jacqui Christie

Events & Speaking

I am a dynamic speaker with a wealth of engaging and thought provoking stories and wisdom to share.

All of my speaking engagements come with the guarantee that everyone in the room will see themselves and others in a new light, gaining a deeper understanding of the unconscious motivations that influence all of their relationships. And so, if you are looking energised and engage your audience with new, thought-provoking information I would love to talk to you about creating a program that is specifically tailored to your event.

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